American Spectator Pig Roast!

As a longtime contributor the American Spectator web site, I’ve been invited to the magazine’s pig roast for the last few years.  It takes place in Madison, VA at Al Regnery’s country place.  On the first three occasions, I couldn’t go, but this year it was possible to build a business trip around it.

Wow.  What a party.  I was there for five hours.  Once I got used to the nearly continuous sound of gunfire, it was pretty good.  I think I stopped flinching after each shot at about the two hour mark.  Have I mentioned that conservatives like their guns???!!!

Seriously, it was a great event.  I got to meet a number of people whose writing I’ve enjoyed for many years, including Jim Antle and my personal hero, Wlady Pleszczynski.  And Jeffrey Lord!  His columns are like great conversation and the man in person makes a wonderful party companion.