Ordering Glasses Online: The Conclusion

Okay, I finally got my glasses from Zenni Optical.  Ultra-long wait.  Crappy glasses.  The photochromic lens on one pair barely changes in the sun.  Barely enough to notice.  The other pair was ordered with anti-reflective coating.  They don’t have anti-reflective coating.  Low price gets you big hassle and low, low quality.

On the other hand, I ordered a pair from 39dollarglasses.com and they are spectacular.  Great pair of glasses.  High quality frames.  Great worksmanship.  Highly recommended.


Zenni Optical and Buying Glasses Online

The Saga Continues . . .

I ordered from Zenni Optical over a month in advance of a vacation so I would be sure to have new glasses and sunglasses.  Calling to cancel after a wait of nearly a month now, I got the most unsympathetic customer service person I have EVER encountered.  She informed me, in no uncertain terms, that I COULD NOT have a refund and COULD NOT cancel the order.  The glasses had been made, she said, so there was no turning back.  

I protested at my long wait and asked whether anything might be done to get me my glasses.  She said, NO, and added the glasses would be shipped six days from now and then would take an additional 8-9 days!  I then asked if they could do anything for me to make up for the inconvenience.  Again, the answer was NO.  I pointed out that nothing on the web site suggests an order should take more than three weeks.  She said that was just a suggested time to wait.  

I hung up with the Zenni customer service woman giving no ground whatsoever and suggesting nothing to help.  I decided to call again about an hour later.  The new customer service rep was wary of me because he could see I’d called earlier.  I was not belligerent at all.  Those of you who know me, know that.  He was more pleasant, but equally unable to propose any solution.  He said, as various agents of the company have at certain points, that one pair included a photochromic lens and that was holding things up.  (After dealing with Zenni, I am near concluding that putting a photochromic layer on a pair of glasses may be harder than developing a nuclear bomb.  In fact, I am certain Iran has not been able to break the photochromic glasses barrier!)  Trying to improve my own situation and be my own customer service rep, I suggested that they send me the glasses without the photochromic lens and THEN send the photochromic pair when they are completed.  In other words, break up the order and send as available.  Amazon has done that for me from time to time without even being asked.  He put me on hold and managed to win assent to the proposition.  He said it would be done, but didn’t sound confident and said I should call back if I haven’t heard anything in a couple of days.  

As a professor, I have to give Zenni a grade of FAIL.  We’ll see if they can get their paper in late and manage a re-appraisal to a grade of barely adequate minus.

Ordering Glasses Online: Apparent Failure with Zenni

Okay, I posted a while back that I had ordered two great pairs of prescription eye glasses from Zenni Optical for a low price and that I fully expected a great success.  

So far, it isn’t working.  We are now three and a half weeks out from the order and I still have no glasses.  I am significantly bummed.  Though I called at various points and was told it took longer because one of the pairs had a photochromic lens, I finally got an honest person last night who told me there was no status update from the lens shop and that he couldn’t say when I’d get the glasses.   Then, I got an email this morning making excuses about quality problems and promising that I would eventually get a confirmation of shipping.

I wrote back with an ultimatum.  Promise me that I get the glasses by this Friday or the order is canceled.

At this point, I can’t recommend Zenni Optical.  I may try another online vendor before I go back for another price whupping from Lenscrafters.

Yes, I’ve Ordered Glasses Online . . .

UPDATE:  I called Zenni today to see how much longer I’ll have to wait for the glasses.  They said the photochromic lenses I ordered with one of the pairs require a little more time.   I will be looking at nearly three weeks waiting for the glasses.  Still, very much worth the savings if the glasses work out.  I’ll post again when I get them.

Even though I don’t have a complicated prescription, I usually go to Lenscrafters and get hit with about $500 or so for a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses.  

This time around, I started getting headaches and sensed I needed an eye exam.  

I vowed not to do the Lenscrafters thing again.

The optometrist gave me my prescription and measured my pupillary distance so I could order glasses online.

I went with zennioptical.com.  With their easy to use website, I ordered a pair of bendable memory titanium frames with anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings.  I also picked up a pair of black plastic frames with anti-glare, anti-scratch, and photochromic lenses (they darken in the sun).  

Total price with shipping?  Under $100.

Is it too good to be true?  I await the package in the mail.