Endorsements for Hunter Baker’s Work

Endorsements for Hunter Baker as an Employee:

“Hunter is one of the most creative people I haver ever worked with. He is loyal and totally honest; supportive while also completely straightforward. He is very vision oriented and also capable of carrying a huge workload. Wonderful colleague.”

— Robert Sloan, President, Houston Baptist University, former President, Baylor University (1995-2005)

“Hunter Baker is that rare academician who can think theoretically and philosophically yet act practically and efficiently. He sets and achieves goals based on the organization’s needs, provides excellent counsel for others doing the same, and can operate independently or in a group with ease.”

— Paul Bonicelli, Executive Vice President, Regent University, former Provost, Houston Baptist University, and former Senate confirmed Bush administration official

“Hunter Baker, who is both a friend and a colleague, has made an incredible impact on this institution. His advice, encouragement and support has been an invaluable asset to me and many others at HBU. Hunter is a gentleman, a scholar and a blessing to work with on a daily basis.”

— James Steen, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Houston Baptist University

Endorsements for Political Thought: A Student’s Guide:

“What is the purpose of politics? How should we order our lives together? In lively and engaging prose, Hunter Baker surveys the answers that great thinkers have given to these enduring questions. His book is an excellent, accessible introduction to the fundamental themes of political discourse—and to why these matter for the rising generation.”

— George H. Nash, author, The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945

Political Thought is a wonderful introduction to the study of politics. Hunter Baker writes as a true teacher, offering not only rigor and clarity, but a personal touch that shows his reader that the study of political thought is not just an abstract exercise for dreary academics, but an application of practical reason to the question of how we are to live together in freedom and order to advance the common good. While introducing the student to the greatest political philosophers in history, Professor Baker takes great care in showing the indelible marks these thinkers have left on our civilization, and how they, for good or ill, have shaped the way Christians should critically assess their place in civil society and its political institutions.”

— Francis J. Beckwith, Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies, Baylor University; author, Politics for Christians

“In Political Thought: A Student’s Guide, Hunter Baker provides an accessible and insightful primer on the various streams of thought and action at play in American public life. A notable merit of Baker’s work is that it examines clear alternatives while at the same time doing justice to the dynamic variety in and between different schools of thought. Baker paints a clear and compelling picture of the landscape of political thought, and in so doing provides a valuable service both for those learning about politics for the first time as well as those seeking a refresher and a summary of political thought.”

— Jordan Ballor, Executive Editor of the Journal of Markets and Morality

Endorsements for The End of Secularism:

“Hunter Baker’s volume is a much-welcomed addition to the debate on the role of religion and faith in the public square. To the confusion regarding matters of religion and politics, Baker brings illuminating clarity. To the ambiguity regarding the meaning and place of pluralism, he provides thoughtful analysis. To the directionless arguments for secularization, he offers an insightful and discerning response. This much-needed volume provides a readable, historically-informed, and carefully-reasoned case for the place of faith in our public deliberations. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend it.”

— David S. Dockery, President, Union University

“Hunter Baker is a gifted writer who knows how to communicate the issue of secularism to an audience that desperately needs to hear a critical though winsome voice on this matter. In many ways, the book is a twenty-first-century sequel to the late Richard John Neuhaus’s classic, The Naked Public Square. Baker understands the issues that percolate beneath the culture wars. They are not merely political but theological and philosophical, and they are rarely unpacked in an articulate way so that the ordinary citizen can gain clarity. Baker offers his readers that clarity.”

— Francis J. Beckwith, Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies, Baylor University; author, Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice

“Hunter Baker is one of the sharpest thinkers in contemporary American Christianity. This work will provoke the same kind of conversation ignited by Richard John Neuhaus’s The Naked Public Square. Read this book slowly with a highlighter and a pen in hand as you think about questions ranging from whether the Ten Commandments ought to hang in your local courthouse to whether there’s a future for public Christianity.”

— Russell D. Moore, Dean, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“The task of discerning the alternative to practical atheism lived by many nominal Christians and the pretense of a neutral secularism has been made easier by this rich study. Once authentic Christians grasp the ramifications of the incarnation of Christ, then and only then will it be apparent that, as Baker argues, “secularism only makes sense in relation to religion.”

— Robert A. Sirico, President, Acton Institute

“This is a very well written, concise and learned primer on the secularization of the public square. It gives a fair recital of the arguments in favor of it, and a strong but sensible and moderate outline of the arguments against. It has a firm grasp of history and neither falls for the usual “This is a Christian country!” rhetoric that makes its way onto television nor accepts the “separation of church and state,” pieties that were rendered obsolete by the state’s aggressive intrusion into what Dr. Baker calls “the life-world,” i.e. our values and private lives. It’s a book you’ll be glad you read the next time you get in an argument about religion’s role in politics.”

— Andrew Klavan, New York Times bestselling author

The End of Secularism debunks the widespread myth that secularism is the inevitable wave of the future, coming at us like an unstoppable force of nature. Baker shows instead that the secularization of society was the result of deliberate planning and concerted effort by a relatively few determined ideologues. Baker makes it clear that what they did can be undone. We shall be hearing more from this promising young man.”

— Jennifer Roback Morse, Founder and President, The Ruth Institute

“Hunter Baker has produced a powerful and carefully constructed argument against the secularists in our midst who are attempting to subvert the traditions that gave birth to our unique national enterprise.”

— Herbert London, President, Hudson Institute; author, America’s Secular Challenge

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