The Best Pastor Joke I Ever Heard

Two men were shipwrecked and managed to paddle themselves to a deserted island in the middle of the ocean.  The two men had markedly different reactions to their plight.

The first man paced back and forth.  His mind raced as he tried to think of some solution to their predicament.

The second man took his shirt off and began to sunbathe.  He gave no indication of stress.

In disbelief, the first man confronted his calm partner.  “What are you doing?  Aren’t you worried about how we’re going to get home?  We’re likely to end up as carrion for vultures!”

The second man simply responded, “I make about $100,000 a week.”

“So what?” the first man replied.  “That doesn’t count for anything where we are now.”

“Maybe you didn’t hear me,” the second man said.  “I make $100,000 a week.”

“You’re deluded, you idiot!” the first man shouted.  “Do you think you can buy your way off this island?  Do you think you can order up a seven course meal???”

“I’m also a Christian,” the second man offered.

“You think being rich and being a Christian is going to get us some supernatural help???  Are you counting on a miracle?” the first man sputtered.

“I guess I didn’t make myself clear,” the second man answered steadily.  “I make $100,000 a week and I faithfully tithe at my church.  I KNOW MY PASTOR IS GOING TO FIND ME.”

(Credit to my pastor Jordan Easley who I imagine snagged this one from the jetstream of humor.)