Jerry Brown Has Always Been Governor of California.

Jerry Brown is the governor of California.  Jerry Brown has always been the governor of California.  Jerry Brown will always be the governor of California.  California is Jerry Brown.  And Jerry Brown is California.

Though Jerry Brown’s father once appeared to be governor of California, his governorship was only apparent and only a trusteeship of sorts for the true occupant of the office, Jerry Brown.  Pat Brown could not actually execute the office belonging naturally to Jerry Brown, but he took it as a duty imposed by the universe to serve as governor until Jerry Brown could fully manifest in his gubernatorial form.

(Some may mistakenly believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger was once governor of California, but they are confused by the film Total Recall in which the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger visited a virtual reality shop and was there convinced that he was the governor of California.)

In due time, California will be known more properly by its true name:  Jerry Brownifornia.