The Formerly Conservative Evangelical Progressive

The formerly conservative evangelical progressive

Is one who has mastered the art

Of perfectly pronouncing

The secular world’s conventional wisdom.

This professor

Or that promising young writer

Has received many a delightful affirmation

From all the right people

For having learned the amazing trick

Of echoing the cultural consensus

Just as it begins to safely coalesce.

They manage this despite having come

From unfashionable places

Like Monkeytown

Or maybe even

The Southern Baptist Convention.

So, perhaps they could be forgiven

For losing patience with the rest of us

As we persist in our stubborn failure

To see the light

Shed by their liberated radiance.

We are moved only by our tribal hatreds.

But they have become

Avatars of love.


4 thoughts on “The Formerly Conservative Evangelical Progressive

  1. Hi. Union alum here; we haven’t met, but I’ve heard great things. I’m a long-time follower and would love to know more about what motivated this? I’m in favor of healthy dialogue but this doesn’t appear to be that. Maybe I’m misunderstanding.

  2. Pink Briefcase, the healthy part is the lack of identification of any person. I agree that the poem is pointed. The reason it is pointed is my frustration with a piece I read by one of these persons expressing distress at World Vision’s decision to return to Biblical orthodoxy regarding their view of marriage.

  3. I see. I thought you were pointing to a specific person by referencing a book title. I may have read too much into that. I think it’s fine to disagree with someone (I do it all the time), but I hope we can do so kindly.

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