My Ten Year Old President

If I Were President for a Day by Andrew Baker (10)

If I were president, I would start off by making my sister first lady. I’d choose Connor to be my vice-president. Soon, I would familiarize myself with the White House. Of course, I’d bring my cat Felix with me.

Next, I’d pass the Anti-Crime Act, which would prevent anyone from doing anything evil. In order to reinforce that law, I’d build a crime detector. The crime detector would locate crime instantly and transmit that news to a nearby police station. That way, people could live peaceful lives.

Then, I’d make machines that could make people’s lives easier and better. For example, a machine that heals broken bones, or a gadget that would defy gravity. Even a teleporter that sends mail! 

Later, I would send astronauts into space to locate another planet capable of supporting life. Then, we could make an alliance with that planet. That way we might someday be able to explore much more of space. Who knows what kind of new things we could discover!

Lastly, I would give a speech. It would be about how much good I’ve done. After the speech, I’d retire. After all, I can’t lead the USA forever, can I? It would also make a world record of the shortest time as president ever. And that would be one day.