My One True Valentine

Ruth Elaine Baker, you are the girl I remember looking so cute wearing a Florida State tanktop and gym shorts. You are the girl who taught me how to change a tire after seeing me ride around on a spare for a couple of weeks. You are the girl who encouraged a young, clueless, new Christian to read about his faith (and created an academic). You are the girl who took my breath away that day you showed up with a new perm and a stone-washed jean jacket. You are the girl who was so earnest and serious behind those glasses framed in long, brown hair.

You became the woman who is the hero of 3 a.m. to mothers and babies in trouble, who is the mother of my children, and who makes me want to be worthy of her. Today is no different from any other day, but I hope you know that I still love you like no other, find you utterly irreplaceable, and look forward to spending all the days God has allotted to me with you.




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