Will You Give Your Life to . . . ?

You’ve been missing something.  You have lived your life wondering whether there might be anything greater than yourself, some cause, some great undertaking to which you might dedicate your life.  You have experienced many of the world’s possibilities, eaten many meals, played with many toys, accumulated goods, but still found yourself dissatisfied.  

Perhaps now you have come to a time of decision.  Maybe you are ready to move to a different level.  You are ready to leave lesser things behind as you subordinate your life and goals to something big enough that you can place your hopes upon it.

What I am asking is this:  “Are you ready to give your life to the Southeastern Conference of the NCAA?”

Or maybe you already have?  We have meetings every Saturday.

There are a couple of options for self-reflection here.  If you really have given your life to the SEC, then you should try to get it back.  College football is a wonderful diversion, but if you find yourself constantly thinking about divisions, playoff scenarios, recruiting classes and the like, then it may be time to revisit your priorities.  The same advice applies if you live your whole week just waiting for Saturday which will climax in a great game with roughly the same import (to you) of the fate of great civilizations.  Rome fell.  Yeah, but did you see what happened to the program at Auburn?  Wow.  Cataclysmic!

The second option is a bit more subversive and less obvious.  Do you treat Sundays and the church the way you do the SEC?  Does the church serve as your primary form of entertainment?  Are you constantly attending new churches looking for a bigger thrill and a more entertaining experience?  Do you perform a score-keeping function as you watch different teams of Christians compete in the culture wars?  Do you despair with every setback as though your favorite college lost the big one on Saturday?

Whether you worship at the altar of the SEC or you treat the church as though it were the SEC, there is a more important question out there.  And really, there is nobody quite so good as my fellow southerners to ask this question.

Have you submitted your entire life and being to God the father and Jesus Christ his son?  Do you try to discern how God would have you make every decision?  Are you sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, not only in how you should pray or read, but also in how you respond to the needs of others?  Do you concern yourself primarily with how you can bring something to the church?  Or are you mostly worried about whether you are being properly “fed.”  Are you a lot more loyal to the SEC or to your team than you are to any church body?

Good questions for all of us.


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