My One of a Kind Son

I was driving the kids to school today when the topic of school uniforms came up.  My daughter wanted to know why she has to wear them.  She would rather choose her own clothing.  

The kids then started to speculate as to whether they would escape uniforms  at the next level.  “No,” I explained.  Jackson has school uniforms in public and private schools pretty much all the way through.” 

Grace added that she understands why the policy exists.  “They don’t want anyone to be jealous of somebody else’s clothes.”  I affirmed that sentiment.  

Andrew, who had mostly been taking the conversation in, piped up, “I don’t like uniforms because I feel like the product of an assembly line.  I would rather be seen as an individual with outstanding potential in math and reading.”


4 thoughts on “My One of a Kind Son

  1. Your kids are awesome Hunter. My kids have felt the same about uniforms, but Aaron said not too long ago, “I’ve just gotten used to it”. He quickly calls to ask for “cool clothes” though if he has to stay after school for his sister’s games or something else 🙂

  2. When we are dressed alike, other, often more important distinguishing characteristics come into relief. Andrew is more likely to be recognized for his math and reading potential where no one is distracted by his clothes.

  3. Uniforms are part of the “everybody wins, everyone gets a trophy” dumbing down. Rather than teach our children to revel in the differences that God bestows on his children, our culture teaches them to strip away and abhor their humanity.

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