Freedom, Democracy, and Secularism?

Here’s the opening to my latest Touchstone article “The Soul of Liberty.”  You can find the whole text here.

You can find a lot of interesting things on Twitter packaged in pithy statements of no more than 140 characters each. Some of you may recall that in the aftermath of the 2009 election in Iran, a number of protesters claimed that the government had tampered with the results to stay in power. Twitter was a key channel they used both to express their outrage and to receive support from sympathetic Westerners, many of whom shaded their profile pictures green as a sign of solidarity. I happened upon a number of short statements from students in Iran who asked for “Freedom, Democracy, and Secularism!”

But do these three concepts belong together?

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2 thoughts on “Freedom, Democracy, and Secularism?

  1. In a country where freedom of religion prevails, Church and State separation is a must. Freedom of religion means freedom to chose the religion that suits you and freedom not to believe. Your insistence on the convergence of State and Church is the fastest way to take our freedom of religion away. See your idea of freedom of religion is your freedom to impose your religion on people who don’t follow YOUR religion. You don’t get to have THAT freedom. You get to have the freedom to worship in the way you choose. If power over individuals is part of your worship then that ain’t proper religion.

  2. Bonnie, I really don’t see the point any more. I’ve written you back many times. I have explicitly endorsed the separation of church and state. You ignore my responses to you.

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