A British Political Conversation (Second-Hand)

I recently had lunch with a friend working in the UK.  When I asked him about the electoral politics, he reported the following conversation:

Friend:  (Speaking to British citizen) Who are you voting for?

Brit:  My parents were Tories, but I’m voting for the Lib-Dems (the Liberal Democrats).

Friend:  Really?  Why are you voting for them?

Brit:  They’re for social justice!

Friend:  That’s interesting.  What is social justice?

Brit:  Let me put my mind to that and I’ll get back to you.


One thought on “A British Political Conversation (Second-Hand)

  1. Wow – that’s someone rare for several reasons:
    1)a Lib Dem voter
    2)someone who knows who their parents vote for, will mention it, and has a reason why they are voting that isn’t related to their parents (then again, the way that conversation went sounds like “my parents vote Tory, so I won’t, even if I don’t really know why”)

    This is above par conversation – often it would be “dunno, party x I guess” or, if more certain, it comes from tribal roots/geographic origin or stereotypes, rather than policies.

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