The End of Secularism and the HHS Mandate

The primary point of my first book, The End of Secularism, was to demonstrate that secularism doesn’t do what it claims to do, which is to solve the problem of religious difference.  As I look at the  administration’s attempt to mandate that religious employers pay for contraceptive products, I see that they have confirmed one of my charges in the book.

I wrote that secularists claim that they are occupying a neutral position in the public square, but in reality they are simply another group of contenders working to implement a vision of community life with which they are comfortable.  And guess what?  They are not comfortable with many of the fundamental beliefs of Christians.  Regrettably, many secularists are also statists.  Thus, their discomfort with Christian beliefs results in direct challenges to them in the form of mandatory public policy.

Collectivism is often very appealing to Christians who want to do good for their neighbors.  Unfortunately, collectivism is frequently a fellow-traveler of aggressive secularism with little respect for religious liberty.  The veil has slipped.  I hope we do not too quickly forget what was revealed in that moment.  Collectivism gives.  But it also takes.  And what it takes is very often precious and irreplaceable.

2 thoughts on “The End of Secularism and the HHS Mandate

  1. I’m reading you book. Freedom of religion doesn’t mean the Catholic Corperations can impose their beliefs on their workers who aren’t even Catholic. If you think it is perfectly right to denigh easy access to birthcontrol for women based on some ancient sexest oppressive belief that is unhealthy for our women then I must say, you don’t care about women’s health. If your idea of women’s health is to take away birth control so that women can use a dime between their knees to keep from being pregnant, you are very delusional. It’s your idea that to control male sexuality you must control female behavior. To add insult to injury the catholic corperation’s medical insurence covers VIAGRA!!! How ironic is THAT!!! You give out viagra to help impotent rapists carry on. You give out viagra to lend to IMMORAL BEHAVIOR in men so that women have to work that much harder to keep that dime from slipping. Do you realize how much sex abuse women have to put up with??? The double standard on sexual behavior is THE most unhealthy thing for women. You just want men to have the upper hand.

  2. Bonnie, you are missing the point of what I wrote. I am not saying anything about female sexuality. I am talking about whether or not the state can dictate religious belief/practice to churches and other religious institutions. It is not the state’s job to do that.

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