The Deep Unfairness of Chris Matthews to Tea Partiers

I tuned in to the Washington Ideas Forum on C-Span recently to see Chris Matthews talking about Mitt Romney and the tea partiers.  Matthews described Romney as a happy robot who has never had a bad day and who doesn’t hate anyone.  He contrasted the tea partiers to Romney.  Unlike him, according to Matthews, the tea partiers are continuing to fight the Civil War and have a problem with black people getting ahead in America.

What movement is Chris Matthews watching?  And if he is right, then how can it be that Herman Cain is the candidate rising in the polls as tea partiers seek an alternative to Mitt Romney?

There was a time when Chris Matthews was one of the fairest commentators out there.  He was a moderator for events at the Reagan Library.  Though Matthews could be counted on to oppose the conservative agenda, he did so in a cheerful and reasonably charitable way.

Chris Matthews wrote some great books.  Interesting books.  Thoughtful books.  Kennedy & Nixon was one of them.  Hardball was another.  You’ll get a lot more out of reading those than from listening to him these days.


One thought on “The Deep Unfairness of Chris Matthews to Tea Partiers

  1. What the Tea Party people do not understand is how they have been inevitably screwed by the system they seem to fervently believe. A system of illusions which manifests as the anti-“culture” of competitive individualism, or the war of all against all (including the planetary eco-systems) in which every one inevitably loses, including the presumed winners – and the planet too.

    The fiction of separateness, and the denial of the universal characteristic of prior unity, is a mind based illusion, a lie, a terribly deluding force, and a profoundly and darkly negative act.

    The individual and collective denial, and active refusal, of the Universal Condition and Intrinsic Law of prior unity is the root and substance of a self-perpetuating crime against humanity, performed by every one and all of humankind itself.

    Such is the terrible nature of the “culture” that you celebrate!

    Never mind too that it seems as if the Tea Party movement is being funded by the Koch brothers and other mega-rich sources, who seem to be inspired by the dreadful “philosophy” and world-view promoted by the benighted atheist Ayn Rand.

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