Princess Grace: The Native Texan

My daughter Grace (age 6) is the only native Texan in our family. We were playing on the beach today. She wanted to build a sand castle.

While she worked on building the structure (a large pile), she urged her brother Andrew (9) and me to protect the castle. I asked her for the name of this land we were protecting. She answered, “TEXAS!”

Daddy and Andrew built a wall and then dug several moats until we were tired. The princess demanded that we continue. She was able to keep Andrew on board by naming him Sir Andrew the knight and then promising him a reward. Daddy remained satisfied with his status as the engineer of Texas.

Confident that Texas was suitably fortified, the princess allowed us to play in the waves. She rode on my hip in the surf. I felt a little like a horse.

It was a good day. Especially since Mommy woke up from her nap and came out to the beach to find her husband being a good Daddy! 🙂