Trouble with “The Government”

Ruth and I were talking to our children about money.  We explained how you give some it away to people who need it.  You buy some things. You save some of it for when you need it.

It then occurred to me that I should explain taxes.  I told the kids that I would first have to give some of the money to the government.  It isn’t even a choice.  When I get money the government gets to take some of it.

Grace (age 5) was astonished.  She said, “If I have to go to the government, then I’m just going to sit really still and not say anything.”  I asked her what she meant.  She said, “When I go see Mr. Government, I’ll just be very quiet and not make any noise.  I won’t tell him anything.  Because I don’t want him to steal all my money.”

Out of the mouths of babes, as they say . . .


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