Christians Debating Secularism

Jonathan Malesic and I debated the value of secularism for Christians on Radio Free Acton.  You can hear it here.

Jonathan thinks the church should go private for our own sake.  Get his book here.  And, I, of course, see things a bit differently since I’m the author of a book arguing the exact opposite course.

If you prefer to see us duel in print (a separate debate with different content), you have to subscribe to the Journal of Markets and Morality or at least wait until the current issue goes into the free archive.



One thought on “Christians Debating Secularism

  1. I can’t wait to listen to this. I’ve used your book in my own lectures (Political Science) at a secular university. I’ve found it to be the best single volume on the subject available. Thanks for writing it! I’ve got your blog rolled on my own, by the way. Your insight (in print and audio) has been a great help to me as a professor and Christian.

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