Christianity and Daily Life: The Unhappy Haircut

I was recently part of a group of Christians visiting together and passing the time with stories.  One fellow told a story about how he had to get a haircut for the first time in years.  He usually uses clippers and buzzes his head.  But his wife asked him to let it grow and then get a professional cut.  He complied.

Having no habit of getting his hair cut by professionals, he drove around until he decided to wander into J.C. Penney’s salon.  He did not inquire as to price.  He also did not give a lot of guidance about how he wanted his hair trimmed.

The woman who cut his hair proceeded to use the clippers at the nape of his neck.  He protested with annoyance in a belated fashion when it was too late to change course.  She finished the haircut, using scissors on top and clippers around the back and sides.

As they walked to the counter for payment, he was feeling somewhat surly.  She then announced the price would be $30.  He was flabbergasted and let her know through his attitude that he thought the price was ridiculous.  She asked if he wanted to add a tip.  He said, “No.”

Now, the way he told the story, a number of people in the class were amused.  I have to admit, his telling was colorfully rendered.

But my question to you is this:  Did he conduct himself in the right way?  Would you have wanted the woman at the salon to know he is a Christian?


4 thoughts on “Christianity and Daily Life: The Unhappy Haircut

  1. Having not asked about the price, I don’t think generally you should make a fuss about it when you find out after fact something is more expensive than expected. Though I will say I wouldn’t want to pay $30 myself.

  2. I once got a haircut at a place similar to JCP. One of the very first things the lady asked me was: “Have you ever had a really bad haircut”? That is a fairly unsettling question from the vulnerable position in which I sat. Walking into the place the answer was “no”. Needless to say, walking out the answer had changed. I think I must have accidentally walked into the middle of somebody’s midlife crisis meltdown.

  3. So it’s OK to stiff a waiter who brought me an over-priced steak when I failed to ask the price before ordering?

    Sounds like a deeply rooted pride issue…

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