The Midnight Diner

Several weeks ago, I received a copy of a literary magazine calledThe Midnight Diner.  Over a period of days it sat on my nightstand waiting to be read.  I knew little about it or its creators.  Having now made my way through the issue, I think it deserves attention.  I believe it was actually referred to me by my friend and wonderful writer of fiction, the great Lars Walker (if you’ve not read his books, order now, right now, you won’t be sorry).

How to describe this publication?  Well, imagine if The Twilight Zone had been written by Christians.  No, that’s not quite on target.  Better still to reference The Outer Limits (you know, “We control the horizontal.  We control the vertical . . .), the version of the series which aired much to my entertainment in the late 1990’s.

The stories are unpredictable and relate back to the Christian faith in strange, but interesting ways.  Though I began perusing with low expectations, I found myself excited to get to my evening reading ritual so I could discover the next tale.

At some point, the magazine’s editors will need to collect their best stories into book.  In any case, The Midnight Diner would be perfect for the Kindle or other e-readers.

Regrettably, their web presence is pretty limited.  It looks like interested parties will need to use the web contact form or the contact email address to purchase copies.  Visit and ask how you can get the magazine.