Actors on Hell’s Kitchen — A Minor Scandal?

My wife and I have been watching Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen for several seasons now.  This season has a different feeling.  I am almost certain that contestants Raj (who was just eliminated) and Sabrina (wearing glasses that look fake) are plants designed to make the show more humorous, dramatic, etc.

I’m sure it will eventually come out if I’m right.


3 thoughts on “Actors on Hell’s Kitchen — A Minor Scandal?

  1. I know this is old but there is a show called “The Real Hustle (UK).” It sometimes has celebrities that scam people. they actually had one that was a actor on the UK version of Hells Kitchen.

    I was just as shocked as anyone else since Gordon always seems so professional like he would never need to do that but apparently there are actors on the show. I do not know what role they actually play but possibly the actors are the people that walk up to the station complaining about the food, then Gordon goes ape on them.

    That is honestly the only thing i could think of because i was sad to even hear that all and i honestly couldn’t believe or figure out who was really acting because there are so many people that are on the show.

    I guess television will be television. I shouldn’t expect anything else these days.

  2. Yes, noticed the same thing in the latest season. Sebastian and Gina are the 2 first actors designed to ‘stir’ things up. The blonde girl was the other one. One of the biggest tip-offs to the teams being pre-selected was that the women went to see Celine Dion – so whatever contract/show was negotiated by the producers went to the most appropriate sex (not that men don’t enjoy Celine Dione).

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