A Late Take on The Expendables

So, I saw The Expendables last night in one of my rare attempts at escape.  I have to say that it is clear Stallone pretty much said to himself, "I am going to make the Platonic form of the 1980's action movie . . . in 2010."  As someone who watched a lot of 1980's action movies, I thought the effort was highly successful and far, far better than what might have been Arnold Schwarzenegger's effort at the same thing, the ill-fated The Last Action Hero.  

Side notes:

Is Stallone's character in The Expendables in some way a continuation of his character in Cobra?  He wears the same glasses.  Drives a similar truck!  Fast with a handgun.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's cameo was disappointing in terms of the story.  It was good to see him back in film, though.

I confess my own continuing weakness for Chuck Norris' underappreciated Lone Wolf McQuade.  I just like it.  I'm sorry.