Rambling Man . . . Ramble No More?

We’ve moved into our home in Jackson, Tennessee.  During our 15 year marriage, Ruth and I have now occupied a total of nine different domiciles.  Only one of those was a really short stay apartment.  If you throw in stays of one month or more with other families during transitions, the number goes to 11.  I feel like The Fugitive.

It sounds a little more sane when you just consider the municipalities:

  1. A newlywed year in Jacksonville, Florida
  2. Four intense years of training for both of us in Houston, Texas (residency for her, law school for me)
  3. Three years of early professional activity in Atlanta, Georgia and baby #1
  4. Two years of Ph.D. work in Waco and the beginning of my relationship with Robert Sloan, plus baby #2 (a native Texan!)
  5. Two years of Ruth being on call almost continuously in Athens, Georgia plus trying to read a hundred books and then write a dissertation with two very young children (one very ill)
  6. Three amazing years back in Houston finding my calling and Grace’s first years of good health
  7. And now, Jackson, Tennessee and Union University — No idea what will happen here.

But I mentioned to Ruth that I was thinking of staying at least eight years and she almost had an anxiety attack.  “NO MORE TALK OF MOVING!  NOT IN EIGHT YEARS!  NOT IN A DECADE!”

The rambling, God willing, may be done for a while.

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