Trivial Conclusions by Me on Stuff . . .

The time has come for me to get a few things off my chest.  Herewith:

I would never go to a Long John Silver’s if there is a Captain D’s in the same metro area.

Sonic, while a wonderful purveyor of slushes, is almost a complete failure in creating a potable limeade.  This is unfortunately also true of their new “sparkling” lemonade.

It has upset me to see my son so obsessed with Pokemon.  These people market to him with pathetic ease.  However, I realize that if the old Batman show with Adam West had been available on portable electronic screens, I may have done nothing else with my childhood.

Gadfly was a fantastically interesting magazine.  Very few of you will know what I mean and that is why it WAS a fantastically interesting magazine.  RQ was also really cool.

Political books by major radio personalities are like candy bars.  Consume and throw away the wrapper after you are done.  You won’t need it again and it probably didn’t do you much good.

It does feel good to have your prejudices confirmed.  I think it comes with a lovely chemical tickle across the surface of the brain.  This is true of both right and left.  And of me.

If you could have a totally honest conversation with the president, he would probably admit that he just wants to put as much of the economy in the government’s hands as possible.  He thinks government is fair, while the real world is not.  The problem is that sinful human beings operate both realms.  And in the government one, they have more power to abuse.

There are not enough Chick-fil-A restaurants in the world.  You can tell this because they are always overcrowded.

The only thing I don’t like about Chick-fil-A (and Wendy’s) is that I am not allowed to refill my own drink.

I am pretty sure there is actually less sex in movies right now than there was in the 1970’s.  I am equally sure this is because of a proper understanding of the laws of supply and demand and profit and loss.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is an incredible effective ministry.  Every time we find a really great staff member, like Taylor Bodoh at Florida State, we should bribe him to stay put influencing young people for a few decades.

Douglas Wilson has gained a lot of attention and respect for being willing to debate Christopher Hitchens.

Witness by Whittaker Chambers is the greatest unmade film in history.  We need a script and a star right away.