Batching It . . .

It is summer and so the activity level at the university is diminished.  The wife and children evacuated the area and left me here to work.  I am amazed by how quickly the entire routine falls to pieces.  There is no structure for eating or going to bed.  I leave work and enter my apartment as though it were a room in outer space.  What to do?  How to use my time?

Last night, I ate turkey hot dogs without a bun and dipped in mustard.  I topped that off with a bowl of bran flakes!  My entertainment was a $2 copy of Get Carter starring Sylvester Stallone.  I bought it at Blue Suede Books, which is going out of business.  It is one of a handful of movies I have watched more than once.  Something about Stallone in that flick . . . His character draws me in.  Hey, remember, he won an Oscar way back when.  Just pretend that Stop or My Mom Will Shoot never happened.

Before we had children, I was quite accomplished at this.  I suspect I’ll get the hang of it just as they return.

P.S. I made iced tea by putting tea bags in a coffee pot and sticking it in the microwave to boil into tea concentrate.