A Rare Fashion Tip from the Rumpled Dr. Baker

I am not a fashionable dresser.  If I had the level of genius and talent to pull it off, I’d wear New Balance running shoes to work each day.  As it is, I have barely conformed to some level of business shoe standard by wearing casual Hush Puppies and running shoes disguised as brown loafers.

Happily, I have found something that brings me back to dressing like a guy going to work.

Recently, I decided to stop mixing belt colors and shoe colors.  That meant buying some good black shoes.  I wear at least a size 14 and often a 15, so buying footwear is not easy.  I usually pay anywhere from about $60 to $90 for shoes.

The salesman at Dillard’s recommended a pair of Johnston & Murphy lace ups.  I turned them over and spied the price tag.  $125!!!

I considered the matter.  “I am turning 40.  I am in a managerial position.  I maybe, really, probably should start dressing differently than I did in college.  And besides that, I don’t want to look like a cheapskate to the salesman.”  I’d already quailed at the sight of a $175 pair.

The good news is that I tried the shoes on and they were the opposite of what I thought Johnston & Murphy would be.  They weren’t stiff, hard, or uncomfortable.  I’ve been wearing them for nearly two weeks and am very happy.  The leather in this pair seems to breathe better than other shoes I’ve worn.  The insole is soft, but supportive.

It looks like the old advice is good advice.

Get yourself a good pair of shoes.


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  1. lol, that’s cool! i’m glad you found a good pair of shoes. also, you gave that shoe salesman a really good commission. I used to work at dillards and we work off of that!

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