Understanding Secularism for College Students

When I wrote my book The End of Secularism my best hope for it was that it would become a regularly recommended text for college students.

I want college students at state schools and non-religious schools to read it so they can understand how oppressive, marginalizing, and spiritually illiterate secularism can be. At the same time, I hope Christian college students will read it so they will be inspired to reject the idea that secularism is the solution to religious difference.

If I had to pick one overarching theme in the book that I would like students and academics to engage, it would be the idea that accepting the deliverances of modern science does not in any way mean that one would be required to embrace a secularizing approach to politics. We are encouraged to think that is true, but it is not. I have made a serious effort to prove my case.

If you are running an honors college, a course in law and religion, or modern political philosophy, then do consider assigning it to your students. This is not the kind of book that is going to make anyone wealthy or become a gigantic bestseller along the lines of a Sean Hannity current events project. But I hope it will last longer than that sort of book and prove convincing to many young people for years to come. If you are an academic and would like to preview the book before assigning it to your class, just contact me by leaving a comment here or sending me an email or twitter message (@hunterbaker) and I’ll be sure to help get you a copy.