Rework by 37signals

My line is the humanities, but I also happen to have a management degree and am an academic administrator. When I saw that the software company 37signals — renowned by productivity geeks — had a new book out, I wanted it. After enduring a few days of not being able to find my kindle, I finally located it and ordered the book.

Rework is a very good management and entrepreneurship manual. The authors have a very good sense of how to get started and how to make tangible progress from a very small base. There was literally nothing in the whole of it which I thought was bad advice. Instead, it seems to me that if we could make a controlled experiment in which one group of new business owners had read the book and the other group hadn’t, I believe you would see a higher rate of success from group one.

My only complaint is that the authors worked so hard to keep the book short, there were many places where I felt they had more to say, but restrained themselves. Really good advice is tough to find. You WILL get some for your $13 from Rework.