Pushing the Envelope, I Guess . . .

I once checked out the HBO show Deadwood.  It appeared to me to be an exercise in seeing how many times characters in a western themed drama could utter, mutter, or exclaim the f-word.

I am now watching TNT’s Men of a Certain Age.  HBO apparently rejected it.  The theory here seems to be that it will be interesting to have middle aged characters constantly using the d-word for a man’s anatomy as an insult.

The result is not terribly compelling.


3 thoughts on “Pushing the Envelope, I Guess . . .

  1. No, I’m sure you’re probably right. I know a lot of people who like the show. I just thought the use of profanity seemed a bit strained and like a substitute for a real hook. I may have to revisit based on your recommendation.

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