Kind Words from a Respected Colleague

We held a book signing at the university recently and a former dean bought my book.  He sent me an email last night that meant as much to me as any endorsement so far.  Here it is:


I have read your book and come away from the experience with two points of praise and one regret.  The style is masterful and the logic is persuasive.  It is the clearest exposition I have read of what secularism is, where and how it originated, and what constitutes its inherent limitations.  It is a work I shall revisit.  I admire your ability to address divisive issues with a clear command of your rhetorical tools.  This is no small feat in an age given much more to heat than light.
My regret is related to the excellence of your work: I am sorry it was not available when I wrote [title withheld by me to protect his identity].  Had I known the work, I would have shifted some of my positions, particularly regarding the Reformation.  Since I used to teach courses in the Enlightenment, I feel more sure of myself there and may be guilty of attributing things to the eighteenth century that more properly have their roots in the Reformers.
Now that I have had the pleasure of reading your work, may I impose on you the penance of reading mine?  I’ll send you a copy unless you tell me otherwise.
Congratulations, Hunter.  I am sure you will go on to write many other notable works.
I must confess I feel a special pride in seeing a fellow Morgan Countian [Editorial comment: It turns out he and I come from the same county in Alabama] produce such an impressive book!
God bless you and yours . . .