First Things Spengler Blog Reviews The End of Secularism

A fellow named David Layman (not David Goldman, who I think is THE Spengler) has reviewed The End of Secularism for the First Things website.


This was the first full contact review by a person who doesn’t know me at all.

Pretty exhilarating.

Layman is very complimentary of the book, particularly the first half where I review the history of church and state in the west and go through the American constitutional situation. He’s a bit less on board with me when I start talking about anti-foundationalism and the impact of postmodernism on the case for secularism. I think he says what Robert George would say, which is to suggest I should talk more about the case for our values than the weaknesses in secularism as a construct.

In my defense, I did what I set out to do, which was (as inspired by C. John Sommerville) to undercut secularism by being skeptical about it. It was more about deconstructing someone else’s castle than shoring up my own.

Still, a wonderful experience. And thank you to David Layman.


2 thoughts on “First Things Spengler Blog Reviews The End of Secularism

  1. Was surprised that no one else thought to contact you about the book review. You should really post the link to the facebook site about your First Things discussion group.


  2. You know, I have a google alert, but it happens every 24 hours, so it hadn’t hit my radar, yet. I try not to do too much to promote my own work through the FT facebook group. I really mean to let Joe Carter run it. But I did put the links on The End of Secularism FB fan page.

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