Healthcare, Democracy, and Freedom – The Acton Institute

I wrote a column on the tension between government healthcare and freedom for Acton Commentary.

Healthcare, Democracy, and Freedom – The Acton Institute

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One thought on “Healthcare, Democracy, and Freedom – The Acton Institute

  1. We have a completely workable health-care system in Australia which is funded by a mixture of both government and private health insurance.

    It used to very much funded largely by the government until the “free”-market zealots decided to try and privatize everything.

    The result being that the government now effectively subsidizes the “health”-care options of the all ready well-off and the rich.

    Largely because the well-off smarties know how to rort the system. The biggest users of the system come from wealthy suburbs, as indicated by their postal zip-codes

    Meanwhile everybody here in Australia receives emergency health care–no questions asked re whether you have insurance or not. It is also available to foreign tourists etc.

    If you are in a bad accident of any kind you WILL receive good quality emergency, and even long term treatment–quite often at minimal cost.

    I have some American friends who are amazed at the wonder and essentially user-friendliness of the system altogether. And how relatively inexpensive it is compared to anything in the USA.

    And how they would not like to be involved in a serious accident in the USA. Because of the horrors of the system–especially towards the less well-off. Which of course numbers many tens of millions.

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