2 thoughts on “Momentum Building for The End of Secularism

  1. What is usually called religion in this day and age—and it certainly applies to the religion that you advocate is:

    a form of pious and childish consumerism which is full of posturing, bargain-hunting, haggling, and deceitful practices of all kinds, whereby the entirely self-possessed client seeks to acquire what is desired in the hope that it can provide satisfaction for its always and never-ending list of wants and demands.

    This entirely self-possessed religious persona wants and seeks, as if in a marketplace, what it can beg, take, somehow “piously” earn, or otherwise acquire from the presumed store-owning shopkeeper deity.

    This entirely false religious persona thus uses religion to seek and demand what the parent-like deity can do for the alternately childish and otherwise adolescent persona in the midst of its vulnerable and fear-saturated unsatisfactory life.

  2. Based on your remarks, I have no confidence whatsoever that you have actually studied the basis of the Christian faith, which is the historic claim of the resurrection of Jesus. We stand or fall on that, not your psychological diagnosis, which is vapid and needlessly demeaning.

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