The Big Review of Russell Kirk’s Ancestral Shadows

Read it here at Touchstone Magazine’s Mere Comments blog.

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3 thoughts on “The Big Review of Russell Kirk’s Ancestral Shadows

  1. I didn’t comment over there, because I haven’t read the book, but I’ll say here that this was a very good review, and made me want to read it.

  2. Speaking of ancestral shadows and ghosts there is an immutable universal moral law expressed in the phrase you always reap what you sow, or what the Hindus called the immutable LAW of Karma.

    Put in another way, what ever either individuals or collectives do that is negative, or negatively effects others, ALWAYS, sooner or later, and in one way or another, catches up with them.

    Either in this life time or some future life time (yes there is a process of continual re-incarnation in which everyone carries their accumulated karmas with them, over and over again—until they wake up)

    Perfect justice therefore rules to here.

    Every body always gets there just rewards—sooner or later.

    Meanwhile the USA was founded on massive religious, economic, and political lies which have not yet been taken into account in any meaningful significant way—especially by those on the right of the culture wars spectrum, including those that presume to be religious.

    Grand theft of the land and resources of the native peoples (a process that is still happening)

    Genocide or mass murder.

    Slavery, which is also grand theft and systematic murder too.

    Plus most of its media, was, and still very much is, saturated with deliberate lies, propaganda, and hype of all kinds.

    The truth of any given topic barely rates a mention.

    Fox so called “news” specializes in this.

    All of which is to say that the USA is now inevitably reaping the harvest of all those murders done by its ancestors.

    Of course the same process of immutable karmic justice also applies to all individuals and collectives wherever they live in geographically or in history.

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