Christian Worldview Bootcamp for Houston High School Students

At Houston Baptist University, we’ve started up a really nice partnership with John Mark Reynolds and Wheatstone Academy to offer Christian worldview programming for high school students during the summer. If you live in or around Houston and have a student who could use (or would enjoy!) an intellectual boot camp for the faith, this is it. The program goes from July 26 to August 1. The cost is $850 and is all inclusive of food, lodging, events, etc.

This is exactly what your student needs before going to college, especially if you will be sending them off to a state school.


One thought on “Christian Worldview Bootcamp for Houston High School Students

  1. Hi Hunter,
    Thanks for your comment. I believe that you asked me for an “About you” section. Briefly, I am a high school student in MA. As one of my posts (“My first birthday in the Spirit”) addresses, I was born-again a little more than a year back. I am of Indian ethnicity and I continue to live in a Hindu family.

    One of the main reasons I don’t have an “about you” section and I have a somewhat weird username is because I would rather prefer that my parents not see my blog. They are vehemently against Christianity and my conversion – and they’ve threatened to throw me out several times. For this reason, I’d rather not risk disclosing my name and personal details on my blog. Thankfully, my Christian friends at school have given me support when I need it.

    Sorry for not being able to give more details!

    Other than that, please feel free to comment on my blog – I have a couple of new posts up. Blogging helps me to connect with other Christians online, which is helpful, since my parents restrict the extent of my activities at church etc.

    Thanks and God bless.

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