Ordering Glasses Online: Apparent Failure with Zenni

Okay, I posted a while back that I had ordered two great pairs of prescription eye glasses from Zenni Optical for a low price and that I fully expected a great success.  

So far, it isn’t working.  We are now three and a half weeks out from the order and I still have no glasses.  I am significantly bummed.  Though I called at various points and was told it took longer because one of the pairs had a photochromic lens, I finally got an honest person last night who told me there was no status update from the lens shop and that he couldn’t say when I’d get the glasses.   Then, I got an email this morning making excuses about quality problems and promising that I would eventually get a confirmation of shipping.

I wrote back with an ultimatum.  Promise me that I get the glasses by this Friday or the order is canceled.

At this point, I can’t recommend Zenni Optical.  I may try another online vendor before I go back for another price whupping from Lenscrafters.


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