The Reverse Funnel System and Ty Coughlin!

My favorite radio station (conservative talk format) regularly runs commercials featuring the “Beach Bum Ty Coughlin” who created the Reverse Funnel System to help you make $52k a month without selling!  What cracks me up is that whether it is Ty Coughlin or someone giving a testimonial, the voice and cadence are essentially the same.  You can tell the guy is trying to make his voice sound deeper or he’s talking a little slower, but there are definite tells that the same person is speaking.

I just decided to google the Reverse Funnel to see if there is any scam alert material associated with it and found a fellow named Jonathan Budd appearing on websites a commenter bravely defending the validity of the system and the integrity of Ty Coughlin.  He even made a youtube video making fun of those who call the Reverse Funnel a scam.  Check it out:

The great thing is that Jonathan Budd, too, has the voice pattern of Ty Coughlin.  I get this great picture of a guy recording this stuff in his home office.  It’s a sock puppet selling system!!!  Go make your fortune friends!


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