Lars Walker: Pickle Hater

I have read all of Lars Walkers books, which fit in the fantasy/sci-fi genre.  After reading his books, I got addicted to his blog.  Lars appears to hate many things about life, including pickles.  I offer this gem of prose from his list of foods he can’t stand:

3. Pickles. Sweet or sour, I hate them all. If I had a nickel for every pickle I’ve picked off a hamburger, I’d have enough money to buy a big jar of pickles, which I’d then throw away.


3 thoughts on “Lars Walker: Pickle Hater

  1. Apparently, you have a strong sense of self-loathing, Mr. Walker. (read sarcastically) Glad to have another one of me hanging around. =b I especially like the fact that you hate cheese and mushrooms, the only two things I really cannot stand to eat.

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