Making Men Moral: A Conference

Robert P. George is arguably the most potent conservative in the academic firmament.  Through his scholarship and the outstanding programs of the James Madison program at Princeton University, George has contributed powerfully to the philosophical debate over the sanctity of life, marriage, and religion in the public square.

Next month, Union University in Jackson, Tennessee is holding a conference in honor of the 15th anniversary of the publication of George’s outstanding book Making Men Moral. The roster of speakers is quite good.  In addition to Professor George, Hadley Arkes, James Stoner, Jean Bethke Elshtain, and many others will be in attendance. I’m not certain of it, but Francis Beckwith may also be there.

Richard John Neuhaus had been slated to attend before his death last week.  I imagine most of those attending this conference will be his friends and admirers.  Informal tributes may bloom.

For those who don’t remember, Union University is the school that rebounded so admirably from a devastating tornado strike last year.

Check out the website for the conference here.


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