Lunch with Andrew and Grace

After church, I drove Andrew (6) and Grace (3) to lunch at our traditional spot, a place called Double Dave’s.  On the way, Grace sang a song she made up:

God loves us.

God loves us.

God loves us.

Even when we’re bad.

She continued the song for quite a while until Andrew burst out, “Stop singing that song.  It’s not even real.  It’s just made up.”

In defense of Grace, I countered, “But Andrew, all the songs we sing were made up by somebody at some point or the other.”  I was sure he’d stop with that.

He returned fire immediately.  “I don’t care.  That could never be a real song.  I bet it would never even be recorded!”

That busted me up and finished the argument.  Grace and I laughed while Andrew kept up his serious face.  Happily, she was unoffended by his criticism.

Then, we ate lunch at the pizza buffet.  Grace stayed at the table and mowed through dessert pizza while Andrew pretended to play video games for which he had no money.  She dropped a piece of sticky, cherry pizza on the seat of our booth.  She started to pick it up.  I told her not to because now it was dirty.  She kept moving the piece toward her mouth.

I exclaimed, “No, Grace.  It’s dirty!”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because that seat is where people put their bottoms,” I said gravely.

She had no words.  The piece of cherry pizza stopped moving toward her mouth.  She now looked at me with an expression of pure horror.

End of discussion.


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