I didn’t appreciate at the time what an elite group of kids I went to class with in high school.  The coming of Facebook has changed that.  Now, I can see what those kids from the AP classes, where I was an underwhelming underperformer, have done with their lives.  What I’m finding is that many are very successful in life.

A newscaster in Detroit, a surgeon, a talented artist, a commercial musician . . . There are many winners.  What has depressed me is the extent to which these old peers of mine aren’t very much like me.  We could have great conversations, but they would be unlikely to agree with me about religion, politics, and values.  REM was the cutting edge at the time.  One of their songs was “Life and How to Live It.”  That group doesn’t have a lot in common with me on that topic, except perhaps in the sense that we’ve blazed some interesting trails.

But there was one guy in the class I considered to be the best of us.  Even as a teenager, he was brilliant, wise, thoughtful, and caring.  I’ve wondered through the years where he has been and what he’s done.  He has a very common name so googling doesn’t help much.

Today, I got a friend request on Facebook.  It was from him.

He’s in seminary.

It was a good day.