Facebook Conversation with an Old High School Classmate

From John, with whom I’ve not spoken in at least twenty years:
Thanks for reaching out! Looks like things are going super great for you and your family out there in Houston! I’m glad you like the music too! 🙂

I read your blog about the reunion and your faith — good read! Yes… reunions… a middle age (pre-middle age?) rite of passage or milestone. One that I don’t mind missing. Though I’m glad it happened. Makes me realize the paradox of how people don’t change and yet how people do change. How’s that for vague, cloudy relativism!?!

Not to start a theological discussion, but you mentioned us probably operating under different philosophies. I suppose on some level we do. Your blog made me think of an inconsequential “e-conversation” I participated in on Facebook several weeks ago. Read it if you’re ever TRULY bored:


Hope you’re happy and healthy and in the wheelhouse my friend,


September 12 at 4:55pm
I’ll check it out and don’t worry, I pretty much enjoy talking about religion, politics, any of it. You can’t get do much graduate work in those areas if you’re thin-skinned.

I had no idea in high school that you were a musician. It sounds like you’ve actually managed to make a career of it, which I know is a serious accomplishment. I’m a writer and have published many magazine pieces and have a book contract, but I’m still very far from being able to make a living at it.

September 12 at 5:00pm
John, I checked out the conversation. You seem pretty open, which is extremely refreshing. I do tend to embrace the Christian anthropology, the idea that there is something missing, that we are somehow fatally flawed. I feel it in the moments when I have thoughts I’d never admit to another human being except MAYBE my wife. I feel the selfishness, the pettiness inside me. I know I have to struggle to even think of being noble and loving.

But the “you have a God-shaped hole” stuff was never what convinced me. I’m one of these guys who essentially became convinced of the resurrection of Christ. If you think that really happened, then the rest is how you react to that, not what you think of Christian theology. That’s where I am.

September 12 at 5:02pm
Sorry to go on, but I keep thinking of other things. I don’t hold to the faith regardless. I do think Paul was right when he said if this isn’t true, then we are to be pitied. If I stopped believing it, I’d be right out of the game. Goodbye church, hello NY Times.
September 14 at 1:07pm
Thanks for the thoughtful response, Hunter.
September 14 at 4:27pm
Be well, sir. Write any time.