More IKE and HBU

UPDATE:  Forget what I said about electricity.  The university still does not have power.  I’m praying it will be restored on Friday.

I promise to return to blogging about things other than the storm, but right now I’m furtively grabbing a little access outside a Panera that has no food, but does have internet access.  Bless them.

The university has probably just gotten its electricity back by today.  I visited yesterday and checked out the damage.  Our main administrative buildings are in really bad shape.  The good news is that we can largely protect the student experience because of our newer facilities built in the last year.  The less good news is that my office is part of what will likely be condemned and I’ll probably be working from a laptop on somebody’s porch, LIKE NOW.

In seriousness, there is a lot of work to be done.  We’ve made a tremendous amount of progress at HBU during the last couple of years.  We’ll do everything we can in God’s providence to protect that momentum and keep moving forward.  If you want to pray for us, pray for strong support from donors and alumni.  Also pray for good natured and honest insurance adjusters.

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