We Can Dance If We Want To . . .

You can’t stop it.  You can only hope to contain it.  But why would you try? (HT:  The Thinklings)


9 thoughts on “We Can Dance If We Want To . . .

  1. We spent way too much time laughing over this in the office. It was scary when people started identifying the various dance moves by name, since it simultaneously confirmed and refuted the idea of a “Christian bubble.” Which is exactly where the video leaves us…

  2. I feel like a stalker, running behind Hunter as he spreads this clip around the internet, shouting, “PAY NO ATTENTION TO THIS! IT’S NOT EVANGELICALS! IT’S ‘THE WAY INTERNATIONAL,’ A UNITARIAN CULT!”

    It really is. I know it’s hard to imagine any stupidity of which evangelicals are not guilty, but I swear we didn’t do this.

  3. I’m not sure you’re right about that, Lars. Check out their website. Looks, if not evangelical, maybe more fundamentalist-esque. I don’t see the Unitarian thing on the site or anything like it. Just google The Way International.

  4. I’m with Lars. This has got to be an embarrassing plant from some anti-whatever (WHAT is this?!) cult….or an experiment by Pew, Lilly or Barna to find out when evangelicals will cry “UNCLE”–sort of like the $4 limit on automobile fuel or how much WILL people pay for a Starbucks favorite. Please, please tell me this is a Wittenburg Door spoof!! RFC

  5. I did google it, Hunter (actually I didn’t use Google; I used GoodSearch, my usual engine). You can’t go by the The Way International’s own page. Like most cults, they present themselves as misunderstood.

    This page is more enlightening: http://www.cerm.info/bible_studies/Apologetics/the_way_international.htm

    TWI rejects the Trinity and doesn’t believe Jesus to be eternal God. They don’t believe the Holy Spirit is God at all. They also have a heterodox understanding of forgiveness of sin.

    I’ve been hearing about TWI since the days of the Jesus Movement, and it’s always been identified as a cult.

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