A Publication for the City of God

For the last year, I’ve worked at Houston Baptist University where we are striving to push Christian higher education to a new level.  Part of our strategy has been to publish a journal of Christian thought aimed at the educated layperson.

We call it The City.  Please check it out and consider signing up for a free subscription.  We aim to be provocative, thoughtful, and most important, interesting.

The Summer 2008 issue of The City features:

  • Louis Markos on Milton and the Thorny Road to Truth
  • Tim Keller on Bringing the Gospel to the City
  • The Ten Pillars: An Introduction to a Vision
  • Patrick Deneen on Culture, Technology, and Virtue
  • Joseph Knippenberg on Man’s War with Nature
  • Joe Carter on Evangelicals and an Uncertain Manifesto
  • Reviews of Anne Rice’s Road to Cana
  • George Washington on Church and State
  • Ryan T. Anderson Explains Benedict for Baptists
  • Hunter Baker on Charles Colson’s Faith
  • With Poetry from A.E. Stallings and Jayme Metzgar
  • And the Word Spoken by the Rev. John Knox