The Remarkable Andrew Klavan

A few years ago, I somehow came upon the fiction of Lars Walker.  I’m not sure how it happened, but it did.  I became aware that there was a Christian writing fantasy and that he was a guy to consider.  His book The Year of the Warrior touched me.  Though published almost as pulp fiction, I discovered the book contained serious reflection on the nature of faith, religious freedom, and the spread of the Christian faith to pagan cultures.  I went on to read his other books and his blog.  At his blog, he wrote quite a bit about a fellow named Andrew Klavan.

I picked up Klavan’s books and began one of the more rewarding reading experiences of my life.  In particular, I have to single out the Weiss and Bishop detective series for special praise.  Just from reading them, I began to suspect Klavan of being a Christian.

I don’t know if he was one at the time of writing those novels, but he is a Christian now.  He appeared on Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson to talk about faith.  I am usually the type who would much rather read than watch short videos, but this one is an exception.

Here’s the link.

What you will see is a thoughtful man really thinking about life and offering a fascinating story of his Jewish upbringing and being bar mitzvah’d even though he’d been raised not to believe.

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  1. I watched these as well and thought they were excellent. I’m looking forward to the end of the semester when I can pick up one of his books . . .

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