Bill Shatner: Rocket Man

Back before Bill Shatner realized the value of parody, he simply was the single greatest unintentional purveyor of cheese the world has ever known.

(HT: Galley Slaves)


11 thoughts on “Bill Shatner: Rocket Man

  1. If you know what SCA filk music is, you’ve heard of Joe Bethancourt. If you’ve never heard of Joe Bethancourt, you have no idea what filk music is. Anyway, via Joe I gleaned this undeniable wisdom originally authored by scifi filker Jane Mailander:

    “He who sings, prays twice” — St. Augustine of Hippo.

    “St. Augustine never heard William Shatner sing ‘Rocket Man’.” — Jane Mailander

    (Actually, Jane attributes the quote to St. Thomas Aquinas, but it wouldn’t be the first time a 21st century Harmless Historical Nut got a detail wrong.)

  2. Tom, that was possibly a topper. Shatner barely maintains the lead because he accompanied himself.

  3. Bless you, Hunter Baker. Bless you.

    This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.

    But of course, I’m one of them.

  4. William Shatner is comic gold. Just watch Boston Legal (ignore the preachy parts and you’ll do okay). It opens your eyes to a whole new interpretation of both Star Trek and T.J. Hooker.

  5. I was a devoted fan of T.J. Hooker. What always bothered me was the difference between Shatner’s hair on Star Trek (flat, not that thick) and his hair on Hooker (bushy, full). I had the same questions about Burt Reynolds. This was before my young mind could even consider the possibility of my heroes sporting hairpieces.

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