Falwell and Sharpton

I see that the ineffable Paul Krugman today slams John McCain for smoking the peace pipe with Jerry Falwell; politicians who endorse Falwell must accept responsibility for his views, sayeth the Great Krugman from above. OK, Paul: Please refer me to you past op-ed in which you said the same about Gore and Kerry and Hillary and all the rest who planted wet kisses on Al Sharpton’s backside. What a hypocrite.


5 thoughts on “Falwell and Sharpton

  1. I myself do not expect either party in a two-party system to commit political suicide by attacking its less savory bedfellows over abstractions. Let’s get real.

    Falwell thinking that God has punished America for certain depravities is no different than the mellow deist Founders being convinced the providence (small or big “p”) was responsible for the combination of circumstances that led to America. One should be able to believe what one wills.

    And Falwell never got anyone killed, even indirectly.

  2. The difference is that McCain once referred to Fallwell as scum, not literally using that word but that was the gist. I can find the quote if you’d like.

    He has now turned around and much like the Bush-hugging debackle has embraced someone he hates purely for political gain.

    That’s a long fall for a man who once seemed to stand on principle.

    See it doesn’t matter whether you agree with Falwell or not, what matters is the hypocrisy of McCain’s faux conversion.

  3. “See it doesn’t matter whether you agree with Falwell or not, what matters is the hypocrisy of McCain’s faux conversion.”

    Which was the grist for Krugman’s mill. Dr. Zycher kind of missed the point in trying to score one of his own. Had Krugman actually written the words Zycher tried to put in his mouth, then he’d have been on the money. It wasn’t the embrasure of Falwell, it was the embrace after years of calling him a buttnugget.

    That said, I think we spend a little too much time demanding that people be consistent over years’ worth of time without allowing for opinion changes. That caveat aside, McCain has yet to utter something like, “I’ve resolved my differences with the man, and I was wrong, he’s not a buttnugget.”

  4. Here in Texas there was no peace between Gore and Sharpton, no peace between Kerry and Sharpton. Are you guys hallucinating again? Loco weed is up early in some of the western states, but I thought all of you are east of the Pecos.

    There’s a difference between not kneecapping Sharpton by Gore or Kerry, and making nicey-nicey with Falwell. Live with it

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