Peters Dogging Drucker

Tom Peters’ team likes to point out how influential he is. I’ve noted before that I have enjoyed reading his books, but his trendiness and political correctness become a little insufferable at times. However, I think when it is all said and done his work will not outlast that of Peter Drucker, who recently died after an amazing career.

Checking out the Peters website recently, I ran across this unsightly bit:

11.28 cover tribute to Peter Drucker, called him … “THE MAN WHO INVENTED MANAGEMENT.” Maybe he “invented” management—highly unlikely, since British trading companies among others have been doing it brilliantly for about half a millennium—but he sure as heck didn’t “invent” leadership. (Nor say much about it, for that matter.)

Not very nice, Mr. Peters, especially when one is talking about the most eminent management theorist of the last half century and the gentleman with whom you like to think of yourself as competing.


One thought on “Peters Dogging Drucker

  1. It just goes to show that you can never take TP too seriously. About a week or so he said that Drucker arguably invented ‘modern management’.

    As for the part about not saying much about leadership – Drucker was all action with respect to living and communicating the real leadership; whereas TP will forever be all words.

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