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One more thing about fancy hotels: they charge you for everything. If I were at the aforementioned Holiday Inn Express, I’d get local calls and high speed internet for free. Here, I pay $12.95 a day to use the internet and make phone calls. Just an observation.

Wandered to the Good Morning America studio window, but they were either on commercial or done because they were talking casually. Didn’t see any of the principals. My wife refers to Katie Couric as “the devil,” because of her cute image combined with occasionally mean interviewing techniques.

Took the kids all around Times Square, but they’re a little young to appreciate it. I’m astounded by the sheer number of Broadway plays and musical productions. There is a musical about everything. I kept expecting to see Fantastic Four: The Musical!

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10 thoughts on “More NYC Blogging

  1. When you buy tickets to see Fantastic Four, will you stand in line for the 1/2 price tickets – or do you splurge and buy at the window?

    I’m Dutch, so my genetics prevent me from passing on any discounts, regardless of the time commitment.

  2. Given that we are toting two kids three and under, Broadway is not on the itinerary, not even Fantastic Four: The Musical.

  3. If you want something cheap but good (excellent, in fact) in NYC, especially with kids in tow, a visit to a Grey’s Papaya for hot dogs is an absolute must. Ditto for Papaya King.

  4. I’ll never understand the whole hot dog and papaya juice thing.

    Thank God for the Chicago-style hot dog – and drag it through the garden, please.

  5. I’m looking for some Papaya King. It’s just a matter of running into it at the right time!

    Matt, lettuce on a hot dog? Blech.

  6. Well, it’s really the tomotoes, cucumbers and celery salt that make the difference (not to mention a better grade of dog – those NYC tubes are a joke), lettuce is not required.

    I did like this line from a review of Chicago-style hot dogs: The key feature is lots of toppings, many of which resemble vegetables.

    What kind of topping resembles a vegetable?

  7. Matt, you are correct about the exquisiteness of Chicago hot dogs. No others compare. It’s Vienna or Dave Berg all the way.

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