Happy Belated Blogiversary to Us

On Oct. 18, 2004, The Reform Club launched into the roiling blogwaters of the Bush-Kerry 2004 conflict. S.T. Karnick (founding editor of American Outlook, contributor to everything) conceived it. Hunter Baker (Religion/Politics Ph.D. seeker, former public policy professional, contributor to lots of online mags, — mainly TAS) filled out the blogwork and made the first post. And, oh yeah, this guy named Alan Reynolds (minor deity of supply-side economics, Cato Institute) was on board POSTING (kidding, Alan, I kid because I love).

I kept thinking that I would remember to commemorate the occasion, but I didn’t and neither did anybody else. We’re sentimental fools here, aren’t we?

If memory serves, Alan told us we should invite Ben Zycher, which we did. With a stroke, we became multi-faith and added our second well-known economist. Next, we invited this fellow Jay Homnick (Jewish World Review, TAS, ghostwriter), whose articles I used to link because I was in wonderment at his facility with wordplay. Then came Kathy Hutchins, who knew S.T. from the Hudson Institute days and whose comments were begging for a more prominent placement. Ditto Tom Van Dyke, whose achievements I mentioned recently (hint, he wrote the quote that got us in Newsweek and everywhere else). And finally, Herb London (NYU Prof. and Hudson Institute president) joined up and brought us full circle because he co-founded American Outlook with S.T. Karnick.

I suppose you could say American Outlook folded its tent and experienced reincarnation as The Reform Club.


5 thoughts on “Happy Belated Blogiversary to Us

  1. out of curiousity in the last year how many posts has the blog had? I mean thread starters not individual comments.

  2. Just wondering. I started my blog just over a year ago as well and wondered how the relative number of posts compared. I suspect I’ve posted more but that on average my posts are shorter and so the relative amount of words used is the same. Of course I’m just one guy compared to the six(?) of you here.

    Certainly not a big deal just curious like I said.

  3. Happy belated blogiversary!

    (BTW, Hunter, as The Reform Club climbs its way to the top, don’t forget all the little people. Haha.)

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